Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cranberry Orange Green Smoothie

So, I have gotten on the Green Smoothie train and I love them! I have to say it is fun to come up with new concotions and feel good about what I am feeding my body! I do have to say that I have had more energy and feel better since I started drinking these smoothies and I would recommend anybody and everybody to get on the train too! CHOO CHOO! Kids love them which is another bonus. Here are a couple good sites that can give you a little info and background:

There are also a lot of videos on UTube so just search green smoothies.

Anyway, I have come up with some yummy concoctions and some not so yummy ones, but I will only share the good ones! I prefer organic baby spinach (can buy at a great price at Costco or sams) and Kale. These two greens blend well and have a mild flavor so you can't taste them in a smoothie, so these are good ones to start with. Also, the better the blender you have the creamier and smoother it will be, but you can use a regular home blender and fancy equipment isn't required. I got the Blendtec blender from Costco. It is comparable to the Vitamix. These blenders are expensive but we use it so much for so many different things (making nut milks, oat flour and other flours, desserts, bread, dressings, etc) that it has been a good investment. However, if the only thing I made in it was Green Smoothies it would still be a worthwhile investment for me.

Cranberry Orange Green Smoothie
This is one of the first ones I made around Thanksgiving time hence the cranberries:)
1 stalk of Kale
2 Huge handfuls of spinach
1 handful of fresh cranberries
2 oranges (could try with 1 orange)
1/2 banana
Stevie or Agave Nectar to taste (optional)

This is sweet and tangy!

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